The owner of Flower Power L.A., Gretchen Gill Durgan, has been involved in high end floral design since 1999. She has worked on many television productions including Friends, Veronica's Closet, and movies -- including designing all of the florals in the 30,000 square foot tent for the Enchanted premiere and experience. For Gretchen and the Flower Power L.A. staff, the most important part of our job is to truly connect with our clients in order to create something totally unique.

"It is the human spirit that is most intriguing to me. The more I understand a person's needs and desires, the better Flower Power L.A. and I are at making their visions a reality." ~ Gretchen

Like the flowers themselves, no two people are the same -- which is what we love most about our work. We look forward to talking to you more about your special event, private or corporate floral needs!


Flower Power L.A. premiere floral design studio