Rentals: Classic Party Rentals
Caterer: RSVP Catering
Fabric: F&S
Location: Private estate

For this event, the client came to us with a dilemma -- how do we honor four different family members each with their own set of friends and keep the costs manageable?

Luckily, our client and her husband had just finished construction on an incredible home designed for outdoor entertaining located in Pacific Palisades, CA. What struck us was the beautiful expansive veranda complete with sound systems and built-in heaters. That made the choice of the site for the dinner party very easy.

Next, we got to work on the "big idea." We envisioned an oversized, rectangular table for an Italian Renaissance feeling -- a family meal at a table large enough to cluster groups of friends together while remaining one large group. The clients loved the concept, and that was the first big hurdle.

Next, we considered how we wanted the event to look. Initially, we saw the event as a Baroque painting -- deep rich hues of red, gold, black, amber etc. with fruit mixed in with the flowers. The table would be laden with heavy pieces -- inspired by Da Vinci's "The Last Supper." Renting linens was easy, but we wanted to create a raised long centerpiece with a very intricate fabric. Unfortunately, that type of fabric went well beyond our budget, so we decided to go another route to highlight the rich tones. We all still loved the idea of the raised centerpieces, as well as using some dark browns to go with all of the beautiful wood used in the house. So we ditched the deep dark idea and started just looking at fabrics until we found one that made us all sing! The winning swatch was chocolate brown with a crazy blue pattern -- although it was completely different from the original approach as it was very contemporary, it still allowed us to keep our commitment to design and color. Now we needed an accent color to make everything pop! We chose a dark melon-colored linen to set-off the centerpieces that were all shades of blues and oranges set on two tiered fabric covered risers with smaller satellite florals in between. We finished the table with LOTS of candles in large and small glass goblets (from our own rental stock!). We also found amazing glassware that was touched with blue; chose tortoise shell FOLDING chairs that looked great and fit in well with our budget; and kept our table looking elegant with gold beaded charger plates and printed menus on blue paper with the same fabric that we used to cover the risers for the flowers.

To integrate fruit into the design, we pinned the place cards to fabulous Navel oranges. Finally, to complete the look and our "room," we hung iron candelabras (also from our own rental stock) from the rafters and adorned them with masses of flowers that mirrored the centerpieces. Although the end result was a long way from where we started, it was ultimately a truly grand event, and because our client was willing to help put things together (such as printing the menus and putting them together) we stayed within our budget.


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